Sunday, 25 October 2009

Rear diff, De Dion and Roll Cage

Well after an early start John, Brads and I make significant progress today. The rear differential was the first task and after a few attempts, we had it aligned to the 2mm tolerance for it being central to the chassis. There was not much room under the car when we were all fitting it but this was best done together!

We then tightened the Prop Shaft to the Diff, fitted the De Dion tube to the back of the car, fitted the rear brake lines, A-Frame and Drive Shafts. John then set about fitting the Roll Cage. After a few adjustments to the Roll Cage holes, we were able to secure it to the car. It was a very rewarding day and I would like to thank John again for his very hard work and time on the tools. Brads input was also critical where his experience with performance off road vehicles helped us with the differential and rear suspension.

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