Friday, 4 December 2009

2nd test day now booked

My next test day is on 20th December 2010 at Brands Hatch

I will be testing the car on the short Indy Circuit where this will be in preparation for my race in August next year. Having driven the car already in anger at Bedford in November, I spoke to Richard Grimes of Sidelines who confirmed that I should now spend time setting the car up for race conditions. Unlike Bedford, this will become a more structured day where I hope to make a number of changes to the car to learn more about its handling characteristics. This will probably include the adjustment of tyre pressures throughout the day and finding the best ways to drive a number of the very complicated corners at this historic and momentous race track.

I will report on how well we do, however this is likely to be one of a number of visits to this track as the weather and conditions improve throughout spring and summer of next year.

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