Tuesday, 12 January 2010

IVA booked for 2nd February

I have now booked my IVA Test for Tuesday 2nd February. This is the test that the VOSA do on the car to make sure it has been built to a suitable standard where it can then be registered for road use.

This will enable me to get it registered on 1st March and drive (test) it on the open roads. This will be the last significant date for the car before we can actually say the build is complete, but not all cars pass first time. A fellow competitors car failed before Christmas on a faulty part supplied by Caterham themselves and he was forced to pay the £90.00 re-test fee and it wasn't his fault!

The car requires another full day of attention beforehand, where we need to make sure all parts are secure, nothing has failed and any nuts and bolts are not exposed.

My willing, and Subaru STi loving father in law, will be coming with me for the trip where we will report back on our experience.

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  1. Hoping you will both be back in time for your daughters birthday tea or you may be in trouble!