Sunday, 28 March 2010

Silverstone Slalom Challenge

The Silverstone Slalom Challenge on 27th March was the first time all Group 1 Drivers competed in a Friendly pre-season event. The day was organised by Caterham where the purpose was to get drivers to push their cars through short, tight, twisty courses during the day to get to know how they perform.

The day also included the opportunity to practice standing starts against the clock and to discuss the tales so far with other drivers.

The final task of the day was to compete against all competitor's and the clock to win the Caterham Slalom Challenge. I am pleased to confirm that I won it with a winning time of 25.54 seconds. Hopefully this will be first victory of many this year but the competition will be strong. The Slalom Challenge was something that I was not comfortable with all day but I managed to change my driving style to generate a fast enough time on a damp course.

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