Thursday, 29 April 2010

2nd at Aintree - First Sprint

On Saturday 24th April the Caterham 2010 Academy started. We visited the Aintree Sprint in Liverpool where this years drivers competed for the Championship.

We had two practice sessions before being timed on the course. One my second run was done in 54.61seconds only to be beaten by 0.02 of a second during the day. I therefore picked up the first Losers place (2nd) where its clear that this year is going to be very close.

My pit crew for the weekend included my wife, son and daughter so it was a family affair through and through. I guess their view is if we cant stop him, we may as well join him!

I have attached the video for my fastest run but unfortunately I knocked the camera as I got into the car so unfortunately it points off to the left a bit.

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