Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Mallory Test Day

Mallory Park test days are only on a Wednesday morning for cars, so there was little time to get it right. The test day on the 8th September only provided 3 x 30 minute sessions, which during a 56.00 second lap leaves little time to think about what you might be doing wrong. I kept the same setup from Brands Hatch and still suffered from under steer, which may require further adjustments on race day.

Whilst there is another test day available on 15th September before the race on Sunday 19th, I am unable to attend due to working commitments so what will be will be!

Whilst the circuit layout is relatively straightforward there are again key corners to get right with very few overtaking opportunities without a tow from another racer. The Tow at this circuit are very easy to get and this will make for a very interesting final event. It is also a circuit where you will need to lean on people to get passed and you are most likely to be either attacking or defending narrow lines with your competitors where the pack are likely to hunt together. Any small mistakes during the race could have quite a significant impact because there will be a train of drivers likely to pass together.

The competitive nature of the current Academy drivers and this particular track I feel make it very unlikely that someone will be lucky enough to break away from the pack.

Mixed reports on the weather this weekend will also provide what I hope as a very entertaining race for spectators.

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