Saturday, 21 November 2009

1st Track Day

After a very wet start from home, we arrived at Bedford Autodrome in damp conditions. After the sighting lap, I drove the car relatively aggressively in the first session which also doubled up as the running in period. Having only 1 mile on the clock, the car was pushed harder than advised.
I then set about thrashing the car to within 9/10th's of its life for the rest of the day!

There was an assortment of cars on the day and I learnt a lot about the handling characteristics of the car and tyres, something that I thought I would not get by just driving it on the road.

Doing the test day highlighted a few things that I need to follow up on at Caterham. The Speedo stopped working after lunch, which is not a real issue however it wont pass the IVA test until it is replaced. There is also some play from the Differential when engaging drive, hopefully this is something that can be adjusted or corrected - hopefully not a replacement.

Really pleased today - WE have a RACE CAR!

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  1. Was great to see you there on Sat Wes & pleased your day ended with only minor issues. Certainly was a very slippery start to the session but a good day overall. See you on 5th Dec !!