Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Caterham Post Build Check

We arrived ahead of schedule and Caterham were waiting for the car and could accommodate an early start. Simon was our mechanic for the morning. I recently met him at the 2009 Academy race at Mallory Park. After a number of very non committal noises from Simon and a few long pauses, he confirmed that we had built the car to a very high standard. We had less than a page of recommended adjustments but this only referred to things like the tying of electric cables and a different way to tie the brake cable. We will make the recommended changes in the week ahead but they should not take long. We were of course delighted with his comments. Its safe to say that both John and I felt very pleased and proud of our achievement.
One disappointing part of the build check was however, confirmation from Simon of a faulty drive shaft nut and thread. This was faulty from the factory and something that we need to get replaced urgently. This has now been reordered under warranty where John will visit this week to fit the new part. Hopefully this can be done without further problems before our first test on 21st November.

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